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1 Day Signs was originally opened in 1990.  It was purchased by Bill and Terry Klar in 1999.  Their son, Mark Klar, worked for them for many years and finally purchased the business with his wife, Kristine, in May of 2016. 

      As a small, local, family-owned business, we take pride in helping our community thrive by      

        providing the best service possible.  We add the personal touch and quality that cannot be

         found when using large online retailers.  We will help you through each step of the process  

         and make sure that the images, colors, and materials chosen are the most appropriate for

       your needs.  We oversee the entire process to make sure that the final product you end up with

     is exactly what you wanted, and often even better than you imagined.

Customer happiness is top priority for us, which is why so many of our customers continue to come back year after year.


We pride ourselves on being able to put out a great product in a short amount of time.  We call ourselves 1 Day Signs because for most basic projects, which do not require a proof, we can have your finished product to you by the end of the next business day or earlier.  Since everything we do is custom, projects vary widely and some things cannot be completed in 24 hours.  We do our absolute best to have orders finished as quickly as possible and meet any deadlines that the customer has made us aware of. 


Occasionally if we are experiencing a heavier workload than normal, our average completion time may be pushed out to two business days.  Many of our customers would like to see a proof of their order before it is sent to print, which we are always happy to do, but the proof process will generally add an additional business day to completion time.  We always let our customers know when they can expect their project to be finished at the time of ordering.

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